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L.TXT – Your Language Provider

Modern information technologies are becoming faster, more networked, mobile, technical and complex, creating opportunities for international success. Professional foreign language communication is key because those opportunities are only up for grabs if you know how to engage in effective communication with clients, colleagues and business partners around the world.

Well-translated and adapted materials are the nuts and bolts of a successful business. A great command of language and culture opens many doors. We bring you client-driven quality and economical solutions from a single source.

Our work is fast, efficient, fair and always of superior quality – what’s not to like?

  • Language at the intersection of culture and technology
    Language at the intersection of culture and technology

    We ensure the highest level of quality for your translations through the use of modern language technologies.

  • Complete service packages
    Complete service packages

    We offer more than just translations: language consulting, needs analysis, workflow development and optimization ...

    Yes! We make wishes come true.

  • Our guarantee to you: Focus on quality
    Our guarantee to you: Focus on quality

    Putting client needs first, our experienced team provides top-notch quality to the highest standards.

  • Our experienced team will put you on the right track
    Our experienced team will put you on the right track

    Competence, experience and ruthless efficiency. We’ve got your back!

    You have a complicated request? Consider it done.

  • Perfect appearance
    Perfect appearance

    Our service will make your documents sparkle, in all languages, and all popular formats.

  • Translation

    Globalization of markets provides a treasure trove of opportunities for you. To enter new markets successfully, you need to speak your clients’ languages on their home turf. This will set you apart from the competition.

    We are experts in technical translations and highly complex, technically demanding projects. That sets us apart from the competition. Try us for professional field-specific translations of all kinds. Our well-trained and qualified translators share a reach background in subject matter and technical expertise and will deliver your projects in the highest, linguistic quality.


    Where international distribution channels are the norm, adapting to local markets is more than a necessity, it’s a given. That's the only way to create a compelling browsing and shopping experience for your clients. It’s not just about translating content and user interfaces. Other local requirements must be handled as well, including:

    • length of strings
    • shortcuts adapted to local languages
    • country-specific legal requirements and much more.

    That's why we adapt your software or website to all aspects of your local markets. As you conquer new markets, we’ll support you with experience and tailor-made solutions.

    Terminology Management

    Your documentation will need to speak the language of your clients. You will only make a professional impression if you use terminology appropriate to your respective industry and area of specialization. This is a challenge that L.TXT's skillful team will accept cheerfully. Count on our terminology management to ensure consistent and precise terminology for all your translations. You save time and money and receive quality and professional appearance for all your linguistic products.

    Desktop Publishing

    Languages follow their own conventions not only in grammar and orthography. Special challenges apply to layout as well. With our DTP service, your translated texts will look flawless and visually impressive. What is your preferred format? DOC? PDF? Something else? It’s up to you in what format you want to send us your documents. Thanks to our premium services, you will always receive translations that are of the highest quality, faithful to the original, rendered in (almost) any format and turned around in the shortest time possible. You’re not interested in translation, only formatting? You can certainly book our DTP services separately.

    We're here to help!


  • Cost efficiency
    Cost efficiency

    Take the straight path to your goals - efficient project handling is what we do! With L.TXT, you’ve chosen the path of greatest cost efficiency. We keep an eye on post-project costs and search out potentials for cost optimization to issue our recommendations for the improvements we implement.

    In a nutshell, you will draw financial benefits from taut, well-organized project management. We keep our administrative costs low through the use of advanced technologies.

    This yields two advantages:

    • you will only pay for services that add real value and
    • will get a flexible partner who responds to your requests quickly and efficiently.
  • We focus on the client
    We focus on the client

    The client calls the shots. Many pay lip service to this principle, we proudly live it. As a client, you are our main focus. Therefore, we will always craft our services and offerings exactly to your needs, goals and specifications.

    To us, your satisfaction is the measure of our success.

    Discover the perfect combination of expertise, performance and service – all tailored to your needs. After all, we’re only satisfied when you are!

  • Personal attention
    Personal attention

    Only getting voicemail or automated email responses? That won’t happen at L.TXT.

    We are available for you around the clock.

    So if you have any questions about a project, you can reach your personal agent at any time. We go out of our way to attend to your wishes and goals until you are completely satisfied. Our service-centered philosophy prompts us to develop excellent solutions and yields results. Experience our high quality of service from start to finish and contact us today!

    We’re always happy to help.

  • Proactive instead of reactive management
    Proactive instead of reactive management

    The best problems are those you don't have to deal with in the first place. That's why we continually scrutinize each project for potential issues, tackling blind spots before they become real issues. This applies both to the planning stages and execution of your projects.

    To us, being proactive means handling your projects in a conscientious, decisive and anticipatory manner at all times. Every step of the way, we keep possible scenarios in mind and keep drilling down to the best solution.

    This makes us productive in our daily work and makes our project management effective for our clients.

  • Measurable quality
    Measurable quality

    We set a very high bar for ourselves. To ensure that we follow through on our promises, we regularly carry out quality tests. To this end, we use the SAE J2450 translation quality metric, a special measurement process to review translation and localization quality.

    Carrying out those measurements guarantees that you will receive the highest quality in work product while keeping our standards at a consistently high level. Trust, but verify. That’s why we’re always keeping an eye out for non-compliance with our premium standards.

    That way, you always know that your orders have been tested for quality and carried out with 100% perfection!

  • Project Management
    Project Management

    The success or failure of a project hinges on efficient management. Thanks to our superb human pool of experience, skills, soft skills and best practices, our project managers will find the perfect solution for you. Their job is to carve out the most efficient routes to your destination and make sure that all resources and tools will be utilized effectively.

    Since our project managers always bring linguistic experience to the table, they are able to respond to the specific needs of your projects. We vigorously pursue your goals with expert advice, reliable 24/7 service and transparent billing. This way, you can sit back in confidence and focus on your core business.

  • Reliability

    Reliability is a fundamental component of our corporate identity and major contributor to our success in our daily dealings with clients.

    Your success is our success. What this means for us:

    • A ruthless focus on deadlines - you will always receive your deliverables at the agreed time.
    • Constant availability - we are available to assist you 24/7.
    • Your wishes will be heard - our promises to you are absolutely binding for us.

    Technical reliability - thanks to built-in redundancy and multiple locations, your data is available and safeguarded against loss anywhere and always. We guarantee topnotch work and utmost reliability.

  • Information Security
    Information Security

    Protection of your privacy is what we do everyday. We greatly appreciate your trust and therefore always handle your valuable data responsibly and confidentially. Any data from your company will always be transmitted and stored in encrypted form and protected against unauthorized access through modern systems.

    This way, you can rest assured knowing that only authorized users will access and work with your data. Your sensitive data is in good hands with us.


  • Purposeful implementation
    Purposeful implementation

    You set the goals – L.TXT finds the right solutions. All projects require tailor-made solutions. We support your goals by supplying our expertise and knowhow without missing a beat.

    Tailoring to your specific needs will guarantee the best-possible fit for your job. At L.TXT, we will pursue your project goals with dedication and efficiency. Razor-sharp focus on quality will secure the best results for your business.

  • Cultural Language Competence
    Cultural Language Competence

    Knowing a language is not the same as understanding a culture.

    In the global market place, cultural understanding is becoming increasingly intertwined with core linguistic competence. If combined properly, your target audience understands your message as intended and you will gain a significant competitive advantage along the way.

    When our translators tackle your texts, you won’t be able to tell the original from the translation. At L.TXT, we always have the cultural context in mind to fully convey your message. Rest assured knowing that you will reach your target audience not only on a linguistic but also on a cultural level.

  • Technical flexibility
    Technical flexibility

    "We do not work with this format." Or: "We are not really familiar with this system." If you shudder at the thought of those words, take heart. You’re not likely to hear them at L.TXT because flexibility is our greatest asset. Tell us the format or system you desire, and we will completely adapt to your situation.

    This extends to formats such as:

    In addition, we are able to handle almost all customer-specific formats associated with different systems. At L.TXT, technical flexibility is our hallmark.

  • Technical expertise
    Technical expertise

    Thanks to cutting edge information technology, many tasks require more than strong translator competence. Well-grounded technical expertise is essential for the performance of many projects. More often than not, our staff is called upon to develop complex engineering solutions to meet specific client requirements in fast, efficient and goal-oriented fashion.

    Our combination of linguistic and technical expertise yields excellent results. Various software solutions help us accomplish these results. Plunet Business Manager allows for highly efficient organization of your project management.

    The following translation technologies ensure that your needs are always met 100%:

    Plunet Business Manager | SDL Trados | SDL Passolo | memoQ | STAR Transit | Across Language Server | RC-WinTrans | Translation Workspace | and many other.


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