1 AI translation
AI translation at L.TXT: The evolution of language services.
In today's digital era, artificial intelligence (AI) has a profound impact on a variety of industries, and the translation world is no exception. AI translation is revolutionizing not only how we deal with languages but also the speed and efficiency with which content is made globally accessible. At L.TXT, we have embraced this technology and offer AI-driven translation solutions that are both precise and efficient.
Here are some of the outstanding benefits of AI translation technology:


AI translation systems can process extensive documents in fractions of a second, which would otherwise take much longer.

Cost savings

By automating the translation process, companies can save significant amounts, especially for large projects.


AI systems ensure consistent application of terminology and style across various documents, which is particularly useful for extensive projects.

Real-time Translation

With AI, we can now offer real-time translations for live chats, customer support, and other interactive platforms.


AI systems can easily scale from small texts to large data volumes, making them suitable for businesses of any size.

Continuous Learning

One of the most remarkable features of AI is its ability to continuously learn and adapt. This means that the system becomes more accurate over time.


AI translation tools can be easily integrated into existing systems and platforms, significantly simplifying the workflow.

Cultural Adaptation

Advanced AI systems can incorporate regional dialects and cultural nuances into their translations, leading to more natural and audience-appropriate communication.
Our AI translation services combine state-of-the-art AI technology with profound linguistic expertise to deliver precise, efficient, and nuanced translations. With our solutions, language service providers can enhance their competitiveness. With L.TXT by your side, you can be confident that your translations are both technologically advanced and linguistically accurate, elevating your services to a new level.
2 Post-editing of machine translations
In the fast-paced world of AI technologies that constantly push the boundaries of the possible, there is one area where the human touch remains indispensable: translation. Especially in sectors that require a nuanced and creative approach, such as marketing translations, human expertise cannot be simply replaced by machines.
  • MT Post-editing Services

    L.TXT offers ISO 18587 certified post-editing services, where we seamlessly combine the capabilities of artificial intelligence with the expertise and empathy of experienced linguists and post-editors. This synergistic approach ensures that the translations retain the speed of the machine while benefiting from human finesse, achieving very high quality in machine translation. With our expertise in post-editing, we can enhance machine translations to ensure they are not only precise but also fluent, culturally relevant, and tailored to your specific requirements.

    With our MT post-editing services, you can leverage the full potential of machine translation while maintaining the human touch necessary for outstanding translation quality. Our commitment to the ISO standard 18587 underscores our pursuit of excellence in the world of language services.

Efficiency Increase:

Post-editing of machine translations allows language service providers to significantly speed up their workflows, as the basic translation is already performed by powerful AI algorithms. This enables faster processing of larger volumes without compromising quality.

Quality Assurance:

Our services strictly follow the ISO 18587 guidelines, ensuring consistently high quality of post-editing. This ensures that the final translations are not only precise but also culturally adapted and idiomatically correct.

Cost Savings:

Machine translation coupled with professional post-editing is more cost-effective than traditional translation services. This allows language service providers to offer competitive prices while maintaining or improving their profit margins.


With our MTPE service, language service providers can easily scale their capacities to efficiently handle large or unexpected projects without having to build additional internal resources.

Expertise and Support:

Our experts in post-editing not only provide top-notch editing but also serve as consultants to optimize processes and meet individual requirements. Language service providers can benefit from our knowledge and experience.
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3 Evaluation of MT Translation Quality
Machine translation technologies are revolutionizing the language industry. However, the growing dependence on automated translation solutions raises questions about their quality. For language service providers who want to ensure that their MT solutions meet the highest standards, L.TXT offers a specialized service: MT Quality Evaluation.
  • Why is MT Quality Evaluation so important for language service providers?

    The reliability of machine translations can impact brand image and has a direct effect on customer satisfaction. It’s not enough just to translate; the translations must be precise, coherent, and culturally adapted. That’s where our MT Quality Evaluation comes in.
    Our services at a glance:

    • Automatic Quality Assessment: With state-of-the-art tools, we analyze machine-generated translations in comparison to reference translations or industry-standard benchmarks.
    • Human Expert Evaluation: Our specially trained linguists review translations for nuances and cultural adaptations often overlooked by machines.
    • Adaptation and Optimization: Based on the insights gained, we offer specific recommendations for improving our clients’ MT systems.
    • Continuous Monitoring: Language technology is constantly evolving. With undertake regular reviews to help language service providers stay up-to-date with the latest technology.
    • Training and Workshops: In addition to direct evaluation, we offer training to help language service providers improve their own internal quality management.

    For language service providers looking to develop and optimize their MT solutions, L.TXT is the ideal partner. Our MT Quality Evaluation goes beyond mere checking and offers a comprehensive service aimed at increasing the quality and efficiency of machine translations in the long term. Trust our expertise and ensure that your MT solutions always meet the highest standards.

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4 AI data preparation
In today's digital era, machine translation (MT) has become an indispensable tool for businesses worldwide seeking global reach. However, the efficiency and accuracy of these systems largely depend on the quality of the underlying data. This is where the process of AI Data Preparation comes in. Preparing data for AI models, especially machine translation, is not a trivial process. It requires careful analysis, cleaning, and structuring of data to ensure that translation models can be effectively trained. At L.TXT, we understand the nuances involved in preparing data for machine translations:

Data Cleaning

We ensure that our data is free of inconsistencies, duplicates, and errors that could affect the quality of the translation.

Data Enrichment

By adding context and metadata to our data sources, we can increase the efficiency of our translation models and ensure they are capable of translating correctly in various contexts.


Segmenting texts into logical units allows our models to better understand the context and deliver more accurate translations.


Targeted tagging of data enables the models to recognize specific patterns and relationships, leading to improved translation quality.

Continuous Training

The world and languages are constantly changing. Therefore, we regularly update and expand our datasets to ensure that our machine translation systems are always up-to-date.
AI language models are transforming the language industry. These technologies open new ways to enhance the quality and efficiency of language services. Language service providers face the challenge of continuously integrating the latest technologies to remain competitive. This requires not only investments in technology but also in understanding and applying AI language models. At L.TXT, we specialize in facilitating access to and use of AI language models for language service providers. Our solutions are designed to enable you as a language service provider to efficiently use the most advanced tools without having to invest in extensive infrastructures.
  • AI language models for Language Service Providers

    Our services

    • AI Strategy Consulting: We can help you develop an AI strategy that adds value to your services.
    • Model Training and Development: With our support, you can train AI language modelsthat are specifically designed for the linguistic requirements of your customers.
    • Optimization and Integration: Improve the performance of your existing AI tools and seamlessly integrate new models into your processes.
    • Competitive Pricing Models: We enable you to benefit from AI technologies without high initial costs.

    By partnering with L.TXT, you can offer innovative AI-powered services that set you apart from other providers. We support you in effectively using the technology to strengthen and expand your market position.

Our Services


AI solutions
AI solutions
Our AI solutions are the digital backbone for language service providers. With advanced algorithms that learn, adapt and optimize, we ensure that your translation and localization services not only become faster and more efficient, but also more precise. From machine learning to semantic analysis – our technology is the invisible hero behind your service excellence. Rely on AI that celebrates linguistic precision while supporting human creativity.
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Language Services
Language Services
Language services that set the tone: As specialists in the world of words, we offer language service providers an orchestra of services that turn every language project into a symphony. Our range extends from the fine art of translation to the technical perfection of localization. We understand the nuances of each language and provide you with the tools you need to master every linguistic challenge with aplomb. Being a partner of L.TXT means having access to a range of language services as diverse and dynamic as the languages you work with.
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Multilingual DTP
Multilingual DTP
In the world of multilingual desktop publishing (DTP), L.TXT understands that our customers – the language service providers – are true masters in the art of translation. Our goal is to frame your expert translations with equally excellent layouts and designs. We ensure that your multilingual documents are not only impressive in terms of content, but also visually. From typography to page layout, we adapt every detail to the cultural nuances of the target market to present your translations in the best possible light. Trust us with your DTP, and we'll make it a seamless, compelling part of your overall package of language services.
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Creative services
Creative services
At L.TXT, we know that language service providers like you do more than just translate words – you build bridges between cultures and markets. Our creative services are specifically designed to support and complement your expertise. We can offer you creative powerhouses ranging from marketing localization to transcreative texts, to enhance your translation projects with creativity and cultural intelligence. Whether it's about reinventing an advertising campaign or adapting a branding strategy – we are the invisible hand that will make your services distinctive. Trust our creative experts to deliver an unparalleled language experience to your end customer.
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