Do you have any questions? We have the answers! Because we know that good communication is the key to any successful partnership. Transparency is at the heart of our service offering, which we live by providing comprehensive information. Our FAQ section is the result of numerous conversations with customers like you who wanted to delve deeper into the world of language services.

From the intricacies of our ISO-certified processes to the practicalities of handling your projects, you'll find detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services, technologies, quality standards and much more. Each question reflects our commitment to providing you not only with first-class translation services, but also a seamless, understandable and satisfying customer experience.

If your specific concerns are not covered in our list, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team is ready to answer your individual questions with the same care and attention that we put into our translation work. Let's speak the language of global business fluently together.
  • What is L.TXT?
    L.TXT is a specialised provider of translation and localisation services for language service providers, with a focus on DTP and AI-supported translation processes.
  • What makes L.TXT special compared to other providers?
    L.TXT distinguishes itself through its specific services, which are geared towards the requirements of language service providers, and through its high quality standards, which are proven by our ISO certifications.
  • Can L.TXT process all types of documents?
    Yes, thanks to our comprehensive DTP and AI services, we can process a wide range of documents, regardless of format and complexity.
  • Who are L.TXT services intended for?
    Our services are aimed exclusively at other language service providers who wish to expand their capacities and service offerings.
  • As a company, can I work with L.TXT outside the language services sector?
    Our services are specially tailored to language service providers. If you are active in this field and require our specialised services, we look forward to working with you.
  • Can L.TXT support projects in rare languages?
    Yes, through our global network of specialised translators, we can offer services in over 150 language combinations, including less common languages.
  • What technological solutions does L.TXT offer?
    We utilise the latest machine learning and AI technologies to support our translation and DTP services. This enables us to guarantee not only efficient but also precise translation services that fit seamlessly into your processes.
  • How is the quality of the services ensured?
    Through regular internal and external audits, continuous feedback and ongoing training for our team.
  • What information does L.TXT need for a quote?
    We need details such as language combinations, subject area, scope and format of the material to be translated and desired deadlines.
  • Is my data safe with L.TXT?
    Yes, data security is a central concern of L.TXT. We adhere to strict data protection guidelines and use advanced security technologies to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.
  • What happens if I am not satisfied with the result?
    We offer a rework guarantee and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your satisfaction.
  • How is the translation delivered?
    Via a secure online portal, by e-mail or other agreed digital transmission channels.
  • How does L.TXT guarantee the quality of its translations?
    Quality is the core of our work. We follow the internationally recognised ISO standards 9001:2015, 17100:2015 and 18587:2017, which ensure that every translation process meets our high quality standards.
  • Does L.TXT also offer counselling services?
    Yes, we offer consultancy services to support our clients in all aspects of the translation and localisation process.
  • What is the difference between ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 18587:2017 certifications?
    ISO 17100:2015 sets standards for translation services, while ISO 18587:2017 focuses on the post-editing of machine translations.
  • Is compliance with ISO standards checked regularly?
    Yes, we undergo regular audits by accredited bodies to ensure that our ISO certifications are maintained and up to date.
  • How long does L.TXT store my files?
    For data protection reasons, we only store your files for a previously agreed period and then delete them in accordance with our data protection regulations.
  • What are the average delivery times for translation projects?
    The delivery time depends on the complexity and scope of the project. We will provide you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have checked the details of your project. In doing so, we are primarily guided by your specifications.
  • Does L.TXT also offer express services?
    Yes, we offer express translations, whereby the speed of processing is never at the expense of quality.
  • How can I get a quote from L.TXT?
    To receive a customised quote, you can contact us by e-mail, telephone or via our customer portal. We will process your enquiry immediately and send you an offer tailored to your specific needs.
  • What steps can be expected after commissioning?
    Once you have placed your order, we will guide you through our structured process from order acceptance to delivery. You receive regular updates on the status of your project.
  • What values does L.TXT represent?
    We are committed to excellence, integrity, innovation and partnership in all aspects of our business.
  • What is L.TXT's vision?
    Our vision is to build a bridge for language service providers to global markets through outstanding translation and localisation services.
  • Does L.TXT also offer localisation services for software and websites?
    Yes, we offer comprehensive localisation services that ensure your digital content resonates across cultures.
  • Can L.TXT also handle large translation projects with tight deadlines?
    Our extensive resources and efficient processes enable us to handle even large projects with tight deadlines without compromising on quality.
  • What makes L.TXT's DTP services special?
    Our DTP experts ensure that translated documents are not only linguistically correct, but also visually appealing and true to format.
  • Does L.TXT work exclusively with language service providers?
    Yes, we specialise in services for language service providers.
  • Does L.TXT offer machine translations or only human translations?
    We offer both machine translations with post-editing by specialised translators and purely human translations.
  • Can L.TXT support my team with complex translation projects?
    Yes, our project management is designed to handle complex translation projects.
  • Does L.TXT support translations in specialised fields such as medicine or law?
    Yes, we have specialised translators with specific industry knowledge in various fields, including medicine and law.
  • How does L.TXT guarantee translation quality?
    Through compliance with ISO standards, regular audits and continuous training of our translators.
  • What does ISO 9001:2015 certification mean for customers?
    It ensures that our quality management meets the highest standards.
  • What does the ISO 17100:2015 certification cover?
    This certification covers the entire translation process, including the qualification of the translators.
  • Why is ISO 18587:20417 certification important?
    It confirms our expertise in the field of post-editing machine translations.
  • Does L.TXT offer discounts for large projects or long-term partnerships?
    Yes, we offer special conditions for extensive or long-term projects.
  • How are DTP services invoiced?
    DTP services are usually charged by the hour or per page, depending on the scope of the project.
  • How quickly does L.TXT's customer service respond to enquiries?
    We endeavour to answer all enquiries within a few minutes.
  • How can I give feedback on L.TXT's services?
    We always look forward to your feedback. Feedback can be given directly via your project manager or via our online form.
  • What does L.TXT do with my feedback?
    We use your feedback to continuously improve our services and processes.
  • Does L.TXT have a complaints management system?
    Yes, we take complaints very seriously and have a clearly defined complaints management procedure.
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