1 Conversions for Translation
In the world of multilingual publishing, a common challenge is content in non-editable formats. Whether it's PDFs, scanned documents, or graphics with embedded text – these formats often pose a hurdle before the translation process begins. L.TXT offers a tailored solution by converting your static documents into dynamic, editable formats that seamlessly integrate into your CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools.


Our technology makes your non-editable documents editable again by preparing them for processing. We ensure that converted files are correctly segmented after import into your CAT systems and do not contain superfluous tags and formatting errors.

Formatting Competence

Whether it’s images, scans, or PDF files, we can provide the editable format of your choice – from Word documents and Excel spreadsheets to PowerPoint presentations, InDesign files and Autocad drawings.

Precise 1-to-1 Layout

We create an exact replica of your original document with automatically updated links, tables of contents and alphabetical indexes, as requested.

Lightweight Formatting

For projects where the formatting needs to be similar but not identical to the original, we offer adapted, 'lighter' formatting. We always guarantee 100% compatibility of the converted files with your CAT tool.

ISO-Certified DTP Services for Translation

With ISO-certified DTP processes, L.TXT ensures the highest quality in document conversion for translation. We provide precise, CAT-tool compatible files, optimized for multilingual use.
Our standardized workflow guarantees quality and efficiency:

  1. OCR recognition: initial conversion of your document into an editable format using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  2. Creation of structure and style: We set up styles and structures that allow efficient further processing and formatting.
  3. Document formatting: Fine-tuning of the layout is done with careful attention to the original formatting.
  4. Comparison with the original: We ensure that the converted document matches the original to any desired degree of accuracy.
  5. Final check: A final quality control confirms that the document is ready for translation and contains no errors.
With L.TXT by your side, conversion for translation is more than just a preparatory step – it's a crucial quality assurance process that lays the foundation for an efficient and successful multilingual DTP project.
2 Preparation for Translation
L.TXT offers a comprehensive service for preparing your documents for translation systems that goes beyond mere format compatibility. Our expertise extends to a wide range of formats, including complex systems like LaTeX. We focus on meticulous pre-formatting to ensure flawless integration into Translation Memory systems.
  • Preparation for Translation: A Process of Excellence

    Our Expert Process Involves:

    • Automatic hyphenation for smooth text segmentation.
    • Correct line breaks for intuitive text reproduction.
    • International fonts and charsets like Unicode and UTF-8 for global compatibility.
    • Avoiding layout errors such as multiple spaces that can disrupt text structure.
    • Creating tabular structures to maintain the clarity of tables.
    • Consistent formatting for standardized presentation and seamless CAT tool integration.

    Your specific requirements are always at the heart of our work. By precisely addressing your needs, we ensure that the document is optimally prepared for the translation process.

  • File formats
    • Adobe Framemaker (.FM, .MIF)
    • Adobe PageMaker (.PM)
    • Adobe InCopy
    • Adobe InDesign (.INDD)
    • Adobe InDesign (.INX)
    • Adobe InDesign Markup Language (.IDML)
    • Adobe-PDF-Dateien (.PDF)
    • Adobe PhotoShop (.PSD)
    • Adobe Illustrator (.AI)
    • AutoCAD (DWG, DXF)
    • FreeMind-Mindmaps (.MM)
    • QuarkXPress (.qsc, .xtg, .ttg, .tag)
    • QuickSilver / Interleaf (.DOC)
    • Corel Draw
    • Corel Ventura
    • Microsoft Word 2003 (.DOC, .RTF, .BAK, .DOT)
    • Microsoft Word 2007–2013 (.DOCX)
    • Microsoft Excel 2003 (.XLS, .XML, .XLT)
    • Microsoft Excel 2007–2013 (.XLSX, .XLSM)
    • Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 (.PPT, .PPS, .POT)
    • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007–2013 (.PPTX, .PPSX, .POTX, .SLDX)
    • Microsoft Visio (.VDX)
    • OpenDocument-Textdokumente (.ODT, .ODF)
    • Rich-Text-Format (.RTF)
    • Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG)
    • Portable Object (.PO)
Professional Expertise img Format Competence
3 Incorporation of Changes
Making changes to already translated and typeset documents is a frequent and complex process, especially when it involves multiple languages. L.TXT understands that time is a critical factor and guarantees fast and precise adjustments in all language versions.
  • Our Service - Fast, Accurate, Multilingual

    Our Service Includes:

    • Cross-Language Updates: We implement necessary changes across all language versions of your documents.
    • Precision and Efficiency: We make the necessary adjustmentsas precisely and efficiently as possible.
    • Time-optimized Processes: With L.TXT, you can count on rapid implementation, ensuring your updated content is ready for use in the shortest possible time.

    Rely on our expertise to keep your documents current and consistent across all languages.

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4 Follow-up after the translation
Post-translation Processing: Meticulous Adjustments for Perfection

The final phase of the translation process is post-processing, which plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of the layout and design across all languages. At L.TXT, we carry out meticulous post-processing to guarantee a final product that matches the original in form and function.
With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of typographical nuances, L.TXT ensures that your translated documents match the original, not only linguistically but also visually.

Our post-processing services include:

Layout customizations

We ensure that text lengths after translation correspond to the original layout specifications in order to maintain a consistent page count and uniform appearance.

RTL language editing

For languages that are read from right to left, we implement special layout adjustments, such as the mirror-image arrangement of graphics and adjustments to text flows.

Typographic fine-tuning

Typographic fine-tuning Our experts ensure correct application of the typographical standards of the target culture, including the combination of letters in scripts such as Arabic.

Visual consistency

We make sure that visual elements and typography are harmonized and consistent across all language versions.
5 DTP Consulting
The world of multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) is complex and requires targeted expertise to provide efficient and cost-conscious solutions for specific challenges. L.TXT is at your side as a competent consultant, especially when it comes to demanding documentation requirements.
  • We Offer Consultation for a Variety of Situations:
    • Selective Translation: We develop methods for targeted extraction of content from multilingual documents for translation.
    • Complex Excel Documents: Our experts specialize in working with linked worksheets and formulas, ensuring precise translations without loss of functionality.
    • Partial Translations: For documents already partially translated, we find efficient ways to seamlessly continue the work.
    • Layout Specifications: Client specifications regarding layout are meticulously analyzed and implemented, even when communicated in a foreign language.
    • Special Formats: For documents in unusual or difficult-to-access formats, we find ways to make them editable.
    • Graphics and PDFs: We provide solutions for editing and translating graphic content in both editable and non-editable formats.

    Our team is trained to choose the right approach for each of these tasks, offering support that goes beyond mere tender preparation. Trust L.TXT to advance your projects efficiently and effectively.

Our Services


AI solutions
AI solutions
Our AI solutions are the digital backbone for language service providers. With advanced algorithms that learn, adapt and optimize, we ensure that your translation and localization services not only become faster and more efficient, but also more precise. From machine learning to semantic analysis – our technology is the invisible hero behind your service excellence. Rely on AI that celebrates linguistic precision while supporting human creativity.
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Language Services
Language Services
Language services that set the tone: As specialists in the world of words, we offer language service providers an orchestra of services that turn every language project into a symphony. Our range extends from the fine art of translation to the technical perfection of localization. We understand the nuances of each language and provide you with the tools you need to master every linguistic challenge with aplomb. Being a partner of L.TXT means having access to a range of language services as diverse and dynamic as the languages you work with.
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Multilingual DTP
Multilingual DTP
In the world of multilingual desktop publishing (DTP), L.TXT understands that our customers – the language service providers – are true masters in the art of translation. Our goal is to frame your expert translations with equally excellent layouts and designs. We ensure that your multilingual documents are not only impressive in terms of content, but also visually. From typography to page layout, we adapt every detail to the cultural nuances of the target market to present your translations in the best possible light. Trust us with your DTP, and we'll make it a seamless, compelling part of your overall package of language services.
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Creative services
Creative services
At L.TXT, we know that language service providers like you do more than just translate words – you build bridges between cultures and markets. Our creative services are specifically designed to support and complement your expertise. We can offer you creative powerhouses ranging from marketing localization to transcreative texts, to enhance your translation projects with creativity and cultural intelligence. Whether it's about reinventing an advertising campaign or adapting a branding strategy – we are the invisible hand that will make your services distinctive. Trust our creative experts to deliver an unparalleled language experience to your end customer.
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