1 Translation
High-quality translations are essential for language service providers today to meet their clients' requirements. At L.TXT, we understand the special requirements and expectations of language service providers. With offer specialized services to be a reliable partner at your side. We bring not only linguistic expertise, but also an understanding of the specific requirements of the translation industry.

Here are some of the core areas in which we excel:


Technical documents require accuracy and clarity. Whether it's an operating manual, a process description or a technical drawing, our experts translate these contents with a precision that will not only meet your clients' expectations but help you to exceed them.


For language service providers serving clients in the financial sector, we offer specialized translations of documents, such as financial analyses and annual reports. We combine linguistic skills with economic expertise to provide you with translations of the highest quality.


Legal texts are often complex and require special care. We offer translations that are precise, not only linguistically but also in terms of the legal contexts, so your clients can be sure that every nuance is accurately conveyed.

Life Sciences and Medicine

If your clients operate in the medical sector, you’ll know how critical precise translations are in this area. With L.TXT by your side, you can be sure that every translation meets the high demands of the healthcare sector.


For language service providers serving marketing agencies, we offer translations that capture the creative spirit and intention behind each text. Our experts understand how to translate creative concepts and wordplay across cultures, ensuring that messages have their full impact in every language.
2 Software Localization
In the complex world of software localization, linguistic code is central, but there are many more factors to consider. At L.TXT, we specialize in adapting software, not only linguistically but also culturally and functionally to different markets.
  • Comprehensive Localization Engineering Services

    In addition to basic services, we offer a wide range of specialized localization services:

    • Analysis of the Source Material: To get a clear idea of what changes are required.
    • Product Dimensioning: To ensure products are appropriately presented in the intended target markets.
    • Creation of Terminology: So that every term is consistent and understandable.
    • Preparation of Source Material: So it’s ready for translation.
    • Development and Testing of Software/Websites: For flawless functionality in every language.
    • Extraction of all Translatable Texts: So no word is overlooked.
    • UI Size Adjustment: So everything looks good and works well.
    • Compiling Localized Resource Files: For integration into the software.
    • Functionality Tests: To ensure everything works as intended.
    • Final QA: For a flawless end product.
    • Creation of Screen Captures: For documentation and presentation.
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3 Website Localization
Localizing a website is much more than a linguistic translation; it's a holistic process that optimizes the user experience in local markets.
  • Website Localization at L.TXT:

    A website is the window to the company. We help you to make an excellent impression in every market.

    • SEO and Culture: In addition to linguistic localization, we optimize meta-data and SEO strategies to increase visibility and relevance in regional search engines.
    • Wide CMS Compatibility: Whether WordPress, Typo3, Drupal or other platforms, our experts work seamlessly with your system.
    • App Localization: We ensure that your mobile application is optimally presented in every app store and on every device.
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4 Transcreation
In a globalized world, it becomes increasingly important to understand cultural and linguistic nuances and consider them in communication. It's not just about translating words but conveying messages, emotions, and brand identities. This is where transcreation comes in.

Culture-Specific Adaptation

We help brands communicate authentically and resonantly in new markets.

Balancing Accuracy and Creativity

While traditional translations focus on word accuracy, transcreation allows for adjustments to ensure the intended effect in different cultures.
5 Review and Revision
In the world of translation, linguistic quality is as important as factual accuracy. Here at L.TXT, we understand the importance of both and are proud that our services take both aspects into account.
  • Review and Revision at L.TXT: Quality Comes First

    Quality Assurance for your Texts:
    Even if a text is correctly translated, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s linguistically appealing or fluent. Conversely, an elegantly formulated text may contain factual errors. We take this distinction seriously and check every translation for both linguistic quality and factual correctness. With our keen eye for detail, we ensure that your texts are both correct and appealing.

    Second Opinion Needed?
    Whether it’s an internal translation or one from a third-party provider, we are available as a trustworthy second instance. A thorough text review not only reduces errors but also levels the individual stylistics of a translator to ensure a clear and consistent text. Our experts are familiar with proofreading and editing texts from various sources.

    On the Safe Side with L.TXT:
    Don’t just rely on a translated text being “good enough.” Let us review your text and ensure that it is of the highest quality. With L.TXT, you have the assurance that your texts are bothcorrect in terms of content and convincing in terms of language.

Our Services


AI solutions
AI solutions
Our AI solutions are the digital backbone for language service providers. With advanced algorithms that learn, adapt and optimize, we ensure that your translation and localization services not only become faster and more efficient, but also more precise. From machine learning to semantic analysis – our technology is the invisible hero behind your service excellence. Rely on AI that celebrates linguistic precision while supporting human creativity.
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Language Services
Language Services
Language services that set the tone: As specialists in the world of words, we offer language service providers an orchestra of services that turn every language project into a symphony. Our range extends from the fine art of translation to the technical perfection of localization. We understand the nuances of each language and provide you with the tools you need to master every linguistic challenge with aplomb. Being a partner of L.TXT means having access to a range of language services as diverse and dynamic as the languages you work with.
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Multilingual DTP
Multilingual DTP
In the world of multilingual desktop publishing (DTP), L.TXT understands that our customers – the language service providers – are true masters in the art of translation. Our goal is to frame your expert translations with equally excellent layouts and designs. We ensure that your multilingual documents are not only impressive in terms of content, but also visually. From typography to page layout, we adapt every detail to the cultural nuances of the target market to present your translations in the best possible light. Trust us with your DTP, and we'll make it a seamless, compelling part of your overall package of language services.
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Creative services
Creative services
At L.TXT, we know that language service providers like you do more than just translate words – you build bridges between cultures and markets. Our creative services are specifically designed to support and complement your expertise. We can offer you creative powerhouses ranging from marketing localization to transcreative texts, to enhance your translation projects with creativity and cultural intelligence. Whether it's about reinventing an advertising campaign or adapting a branding strategy – we are the invisible hand that will make your services distinctive. Trust our creative experts to deliver an unparalleled language experience to your end customer.
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