The Revolution in the Language Service Sector: The Need for Digital Transformation

{November 16, 2023}

A Change in the Language Service Industry

For over two decades, L.TXT has been a trusted partner in the language service industry. We have accompanied large and small companies on their journey, including many that have been with us since our beginnings. Recently, however, we have observed a worrying trend: Our clients, especially smaller firms, are losing long-standing clients, some of whom they had served for decades. This trend reflects a fundamental change in the industry and calls for a realignment.

The Change in the Traditional Model

The traditional business model of language service providers faces major challenges. The core of the problem lies in changes to the traditional model of language services. And these are due to the evolution of the industry itself. The classic model of language service providers, which has been successful for decades, is increasingly reaching its limits and no longer fits into today’s world. A key factor here is the increasing use of machine translations, which has a tremendous impact on the industry. The rapid development of machine translation and digital technologies has changed customer expectations. This trend has fundamentally altered the landscape of language services, as customers now often turn to machine translations for faster, more cost-effective, and in some cases, solutions of sufficient quality.

The Need for Digital Transformation

The future of language services lies in digitization. Language service providers must evolve into technology-based companies to remain competitive. However, this change requires a high level of technical know-how and experience in digital processes – resources that many traditional providers often lack. This is where L.TXT comes in: We have made it our mission to bridge the gap and pave the way for language service providers to enter the digital era.

Our Approach at L.TXT

At L.TXT, we are convinced that the future of language services lies in the successful integration of humans and machines. Our mission is to provide language service providers with the necessary tools and know-how to realize this synergy. We offer not only technological solutions, such as advanced translation software and integration into existing systems, but also training and consulting to support our partner companies in this transition phase.

Shaping the Future

The change in the language services sector is unstoppable, and the companies that adapt and evolve will be those that continue to be successful in the future. With L.TXT by your side, you are well-equipped to not only survive this change but to act as a pioneer in a new era of language services.


The language services industry is at a turning point. Digital transformation is not just a challenge but also an opportunity.L.TXT is ready to accompany you on this journey and to shape a new future together.

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